Some things I’ve made over the years.

I’ve been involved in countless projects over the years. Some business ventures; some shorter term projects. Below are some of the ones that standout and that I am most proud of.


  • NoMoreAnalog

    Mobile and web application development. Making cool apps and keeping clients happy.

  • Dot Dot Data

    Startup providing location based web and mobile applications to various clients.

  • Criclick

    Connecting small businesses & service providers with the ideal local consumers.


  • Japanese Graded Readers

    React Native app powered by an admin dashboard. Uses Firebase for authentication, storage and notifications.

  • Pawsome Dogs Training & Behavior

    Static website designed for a well-known Chicago dog trainer. Built using Gatsby and styled with styled-components.

  • Los Pinos Hardware Co.

    Static website hosted for a growing hardware business. This is a static website generated used Nuxt.js.

  • Cagesum

    The world's first Nicolas Cage text placeholder generator. Created with Next.js on the front-end and Hasura as a backend and hosted via Vercel